Marie Matiko - Details


Marie MatikoMARIE MATIKO made her starring debut in "The Art of War." A natural-born performer with outstanding artistic abilities and infectious enthusiasm, she is quickly catching the attention of Hollywood.

A native of Southern California, Matiko started singing at 14 when she was chosen among thousands of candidates to join a semi-professional performing arts group called Young Americans, participating in variety song and dance shows.

Matiko majored in environmental engineering at UCLA. While still in college, she auditioned for the first national tour of "Miss Saigon," landing the roles of Mimi/Gigi, and her career path suddenly took a sharp detour. Matiko began traveling the country performing on tour. While on the road, she continued taking academic classes at community colleges, in addition to acting, singing and dancing courses from the Berkelee College of Music in Boston to the Cleveland Institute of Music...

Matiko also lists among her special skills martial arts, rifle shooting and firearms -- compliments of her ROTC training at UCLA.
She has founded a small school for the performing arts called Vivace, a musical term meaning "full of life." Every Saturday morning she shares her love of singing and performing with her classroom of Asian-American children.