Anne Archer - Details


ANNE ARCHER was honored with Academy Award and Golden Globe nominations for her role as Beth Gallagher, opposite Michael Douglas, in the highly acclaimed "Fatal Attraction." She has attained an amazing level of achievement in her acting career, including a Golden Globe Award for her poignant performance in Robert Altman’s critically acclaimed film, "Short Cuts."

Archer made her motion picture debut starring with Jon Voight in "The All-American Boy" and won critical acclaim with her subsequent performance as Sam Elliott’s former girlfriend in the feature "Lifeguard."

One of her most demanding film experiences was "Waltz Across Texas," a romantic comedy set in the Texas oil fields, which she produced with husband and Emmy award-winning sports producer/director Terry Jastrow, currently president of Gaylord Entertainment Television.

In 1998, Archer took on the challenge of co-hosting and co-producing, with Jastrow, "The World Fashion Premiere from Paris," a history-making two-hour special with Isabella Rossellini. Airing on ABC in July 1998, it was the first to be allowed full access to the haute couture shows of the most famous designers in the world.

Archer also devotes her time to Applied Scholastics' World Literacy Crusade.


  • 25th August 1947 - Birth