John Byrum - Details


JOHN BYRUM (Written by/Producer) wrote and directed "Inserts," starring Richard Dreyfuss and Bob Hoskins; "Heart Beat," starring Nick Nolte and Sissy Spacek; and "The Razor's Edge," starring Bill Murray.

He also scripted "Harry and Walter Go to New York," which starred James Caan, Diane Keaton and Michael Caine; "Mahogany," starring Diana Ross and; "Valentino," which starred Rudolf Nureyev, in addition to "Sphinx" and "Scandalous."

His first stage play, "Preston Sturges Died Here," premiered in December 1994 at the prestigious Monday Night Reading Series at the Coronet Theatre in Los Angeles.

Byrum was first employed as a writer on the long-running PBS series, "Sesame Street," and later went on to write, create and produce the series, "Middle Ages," "South of Sunset," and "Winnetka Road." He also wrote and directed episodes of the series "Shannon's Deal" and the telefilm "Murder in High Places."


  • 14th March 1947 - Birth