Chris Weitz - Details


PAUL WEITZ & CHRIS WEITZ made their feature film debuts as directors on the hit teenage comedy American Pie. The brothers previously wrote the screenplay for DreamWorks' computer-animated feature Antz. They will next be seen acting in Chuck & Buck, director Miguel Arteta's follow-up to the critically acclaimed Star Maps. Chuck & Buck, which premiered earlier this year at the Sundance Film Festival, will be released theatrically by Artisan Entertainment.

Born in New York, Paul and Chris come from a long line of Hollywood veterans. Their parents are fashion designer/writer John Weitz, and former actress Susan Kohner who received an Academy Award® nomination for Imitation of Life. Their grandfather was the legendary agent and producer Paul Kohner, who represented directors such as John Huston, Billy Wilder, Ingmar Bergman and William Wyler.

Chris Weitz earned his bachelor's and master's degrees in English literature from Cambridge University. He went on to work as a freelance journalist for various newspapers, including The Independent and The Sunday Times. Chris then decided to join the state department after passing the entrance examinations, but during the year he awaited the start of his tenure he wrote a screenplay with his brother with whom he had always collaborated creatively as a youth.