Scott Marshall Smith - Details


MEN OF HONOR is the first produced screenplay for writer SCOTT MARSHALL SMITH. A graduate of New York University, Smith won the school's prestigious L. B. Mayer Award for writing and directing the short film "That Sudden Rain." During his NYU years, Smith interned for Village Voice film critics Tom Allen and Andrew Sarris.

Following graduation, Smith gained firsthand knowledge of film production while working for Giraldi/Suarez Productions, one of New York's largest commercial and music video producers.

In Los Angeles, Smith served as Director of Marketing for Panavision/ Hollywood. During his six year tenure, Panavision/Hollywood grew from a fledging operation to one of L.A.'s leading camera houses. At the same time, Smith actively pursued his writing career. Eventually he won his first paying assignment - to adapt the true-life story of the Navy's first black diver. Begun under the working title "Navy Diver," the project was a four-year odyssey before being filmed and released under the title MEN OF HONOR. Smith enjoyed the rare experience of being the sole screenwriter on the film.

Recently, Smith spent several months in Montreal, Canada performing production rewrites on the Frank Oz film "The Score." The film stars Robert De Niro, Edward Norton and Marlon Brando. Other projects include an underwater action/adventure drama entitled "The Expendables," to which Frank Marshall is attached to direct. Smith recently began a three picture deal at Miramax Films. His first project for that company, "Black and Blue," will be written for producer Lawrence Bender.