Kevin Mack - Details


KEVIN MACK received the 1998 Academy Awardâ for Best Visual Effects for his otherworldly contributions to What Dreams May Come.

Skilled in art direction, 3D animation, modeling and lighting, matte painting, plate and model photography as well as compositing, Mack was named visual effects supervisor at Digital Domain in late 1995. Since then he supervised visual effects for Red Corner and Fight Club.
Mack joined Digital Domain in 1993 and served as art director and technical director on the Clio and Cannes Grand Prix award winning Jeep Snow Covered commercial; he set up the color grading process for True Lies, which was nominated for the 1994 Academy Awardâ for Best Visual Effects. Mack then created digital matte paintings and digital make-up effects for Interview With a Vampire.

Mack moved on to lead the Human Animation R&D (HARD) project to create a realistic simulation of the human musculo-skeletal system. He then was digital effects art director for Apollo 13 which also earned an Academy Awardâ nomination for Best Visual Effects.