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Reese WitherspoonReese Witherspoon is one of today's up and coming stars, with successful movies safely tucked under her belt, a famous husband (Ryan Phillippe) and a beautiful daughter, she really does seem to have it all!

Reece commenced her acting career in her teens, appearing in television production Wildflower (1991). She made her film debut, playing Dani in Man In The Moon, the (1991), which received much acclamation, booting her credibility (at the tender age of 14), rewarding her with great role offers. The next quest for Reese was far Off Place, a (1993), co-starring alongside Ethan Embry, which cemented the image she'd acquired of a nice, clean-cut girl.

Following her applauded role as Nicole Walker in Fear (1996), a psychological, thriller horror, Reece engraved a new edgier, smarter dimension into her 'nice girl 'association. Using her wider audience appeal, Reese endeavored to please the wide spectrum of fans, starring in the fantasy comedic drama Pleasantville (1998) (with Tobey Maguire), American Psycho (2000), a warped, twisted thriller, playing the girlfriend of psychopathic yuppie Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale), Little Nicky (2000), Legally Blonde (2001), a successful comedy, and most recently Sweet Home Alabama (2001).

Reese Witherspoon's diversity is not only reflected through her acting and array of film genres, but through her 'behind the scenes participation too. she aided the production team of Devil In A Blue Dress (1995), directed by Carl Franklin.


John Witherspoon, an ancestor of Reese's, signed the Declaration of Independence!



  • 22nd March 1976 - Birth