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Daniel Radcliffe11 year-old Daniel Radcliffe beat thousands of hopefuls to secure the role he was quite definitely born to play. As director Chris Columbus says, "Dan walked into the room and we all knew we had found Harry. "

Daniel first appeared on our screens in December 1999 when he played the young David Copperfield in BBC television's production of David Copperfield.

The drama which was directed by Simon Curtis, also starred Dame Maggie Smith and Zoë Wanamaker who now appear along side him as Professor McGonagall and Madame Hooch in Harry Potter.Prior to filming Harry Potter,

Daniel made his feature film debut as Jamie Lee Curtis' and Geoffrey Rush's screen son in John Boorman's Tailor of Panama, the (2001).

As well as being a firm fan of Fulham Football Club, Daniel is a big follower of Formula One Racing.

Date Of Birth: 23rd July 1989
Place Of Birth: UK
Star Sign: Leo
Leo Attributes: As a typical Leo, Daniel reflects the sign, by displaying leadership qualities and revels on center stage! Naturally bright with endless charm, the young Harry Potter is a natural born star.

Did you know?
He failed to attend the advertised auditions, dismissing his chances, as the role (he thought) was unachievable!

Daniel was discovered for the Harry Potter role, on a night out with his parents to the theatre. His ‘Agent’ father bumped into producer and screenwriter Steven Kloves, who immediately spotted Daniel’s potential. He was so excited about his prospective new find; he called the Radcliffe’s the next day!

11-year-old Daniel cried when he got the part of Harry Potter!



  • 23rd July 1989 - Birth