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Ioan GruffuddWith his career fast moving and on the rise, it would be hard for the Welsh born actor Ioan Gruffudd to complain. Born 6th October 1973, to a family of educators, Ioan's life was set for big things. Having performed in an Orchestra, playing the Oboe, and securing a part in Welsh soap opera "People of the Valley" at age 14, Gruff’s sights were set beyond the Welsh mountains.

By 18 Ioan had won a place in prestigious drama school RADA (The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art), where he excelled. After graduating, he made his movie debut in Wilde (1997), playing Oscar Wilde’s gay lover in the controversial film, winning him much acclaim from Critics, a role that helped substantiate him in the cutthroat world of showbiz. While enjoying the success from the alternative ‘Wilde (1997)’, Ioan jumped on board with the cast of movie epic Titanic (1997), playing one of the ship’s officers. Now propelled into mainstream Hollywood doors opened

Ioan has maintained a successful career in television, hand in hand with his movie career. His unrivalled performances have included Jeremy Poldark in "Poldark" (1996) (TV), Horatio Hornblower in "The Hornblower" (1998-onwards), and Jesus in "The Miracle Maker" (2000).

Originating from Wales, Ioan’s dedication to his family and loyalty to his native country are apparent by his fierce determination not to loose sight of the important things in life such as family, history and culture.

Ioan currently resides in Kilburn with his long-term friend Matthew (fellow actor).



  • 6th October 1973 - Birth