Eric Idle - Details


Eric Idle<B>Spouse</B>
Tania Kosevich (1981 - present) 1 daughter
Lyn Ashley (I) (1969 - 1975) 1 son



Daughter, with Kosevich, Lily (b.1990)

Son, with Ashley, Carey (b.1973)

Member of the comedy group "Monty Python"

Studied English at Cambridge University. While at university, he was a member of the prestigious Cambridge Footlights Club, and later, President of the Footlights Club.

Eric's father, who served in the Royal Air Force, died in a car crash on Christmas eve when he was two years old.

The only member of the Monty Python group to write alone. Therefore, it was difficult at times for him to get his material accepted and used by the others.

In 1963, as a collegiate, he was admitted into the Cambridge Footlights comedy club. He became president of the club the following year and one of his first acts was to open the membership up to include women. Feminist/writer Germaine Greer was one of the first to join.

Supporter of Sunderland Football Club of the English Premiership


  • 29th March 1943 - Birth