Minnie Driver - Details


Minnie DriverMinnie Driver, born January 31st, 1971, was born in London, but raised until the age of seven in Barbados, with two brothers and two sisters.

Following the separation of her parents, Minnie (real name Amelia), moved to Hampshire, to attend boarding school. Driver also attended finishing school.

Expressing an interest in drama, and fully supported by her mother, Minnie obtained a place at Webber Douglas Academy Of Performing Art, where she graduated with a degree in 1991.

Driver won roles in British dramas in 1991, playing Lydia in Goad On The Rocks in 1990 (TV), That Sunday (1994 - TV), before successfully landing a part in movie Circle Of Friends (1995), playing Bernadette Hogan.

Minnie's career entered a different league after her appraised performance in Hollywood movie Sleepers (1996), with hunky actor Brad Pitt. She adapted a New York accent almost perfectly, gaining respect and credibility as an actress. From this she launched into the movie world with Good Will Hunting (1997), co-starring with Matt Damon, who became her lover, only to dump Minnie on an Operah Winfrey show - very publicly. Then came (ideal husband, an (1999)], return to me (2000) and most recently High heels and Low lifes (2001)



  • 31st January 1970 - Birth