Mike Myers - Details


Mike MyersBorn May 25th 1963 in Scarborough, Outano Canada, Mike Myers seemed destined for stardom as a comedian. His early recognition propelled him from High school into Toronto’s second City Comedy Ensemble.

His television career was launched in 1988, when he secured a few seasons on TV show 'Saturday Night Live', One of his comical characters on the show, enabled him to rise to stardom, when the film "Wayne's World (1992)" was born!

Mike took advantage of his success launch pad and propelled into the world of film - and welcomed. His reputation and acclaim for comedy acting has won a variety of roles, including Austin Powers - International Man of Mystery (1997) and Austin Powers - The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999) which have proved lucrative to all involved.


Mike Myers is currently being sued by the movie Saturday Night live - a motion picture version of the television show. He voiced his reasons for backing out of a contract saying, the poor script didn't warrant so money being wasted on it…



  • 25th May 1963 - Birth