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Morgan FreemanMorgan Freeman,is one of the contemporary screen's most accomplished supporting players and character leads.

He has brought dignity as well as talent to a wide array of movie roles. Long before today's movie goers knew his face, children were watching him as Easy Reader on the popular US TV series "The Electric Company".

After considerable stage and TV experience, Freeman stunned movie audiences (and earned a Best Supporting Actor Oscar nomination) as the suavely vicious pimp in Street Smart ('87). Prior to that, he'd had small parts in Brubaker ('80), Eyewitness('981), Teachers ('84), Marie, a True Story and That Was Then, This Is Now (both '85).

Since attaining stardom, he has played a number of uplifting characters in Clean and Sober ('88), The Bonfire of the Vanities ('90), and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves ('91).

Freeman was tireless in '89, playing a Civil War sergeant in Glory a discipline-minded high school principal in Lean on Me a gentle chauffeur in Driving Miss Daisy (Oscar nomination for Best Actor), and even squeezing in a change of pace as a nasty cop in Johnny Handsome he continues to work on stage.

Freeman made a notable Petruchio in a '91 production of The Taming of the Shrew, opposite Tracey Ullman. He co-starred with Clint Eastwood in Unforgiven ('92) before making his directing debut on the little-seen apartheid story Bopha! ('93).

Freeman earned another Best Actor nomination for his portrayal of a prison lifer in The Shawshank Redemption ('94) and, has co-starred in Outbreak and Seven (both '95). Freeman plays CIA Director apposite Ben Affleck in The Sum Of All Frears, due out August 16th.



  • 5th December 1969 - Birth