Date: 17th October 2000

Malkovich Set For SPIDERMAN Baddie

JOHN MALKOVICH is being lined up to take over from NICOLAS CAGE as SPIDERMAN's arch foe THE GREEN GOBLIN.

Now TOBEY MAGUIRE has signed to play the web master in the latest cartoon to be given the big screen treatment, director SAM RAIMI is keen to secure his supporting cast. As well as Malkovich, actress ALICIA WITT is slated to play Spiderman alter-ego PETER PARKER's love interest MARY JANE, although Raimi admits he's interviewing other actresses.

Meanwhile, Raimi is set to upset Spiderman experts - by changing his famous red and blue costume. He says, "I can't say it will be what the kids have seen in comic books."


Source: WENN



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