Date: 14th November 2016

Harley Quinn-headlined spin-off movie moves forward.

Warner Bros recruits a new writer to help Margot Robbie bring the Harley Quinn-headlined Birds Of Prey film closer to the screen.

Whatever you thought of the summer hit Suicide Squad and it would be fair to say that it has its fans, and, well, non-fans most would agree that one of the standouts for Margot Robbie. She debuted the role of Harley Quinn on the big screen, and swiftly won plaudits for doing so.

Warner Bros knows a good thing when it sees it, too, and thus swiftly put into motion a Harley Quinn-headlined movie, that Margot Robbie is also set to produce. It's not going to be a straight standalone film, as had originally been rumoured though.

Instead, the project is set to bring together a collection female heroes and foes from the DC universe, under the Birds Of Prey header. And Margot Robbie is going to headline it.

Source: Press Release