Date: 10th November 2016

Tom Holland will show up in at least six Marvel movies, including three solo Spidey films.

Tom Holland revealed that his current contract calls for him to make at least six showings as the character, with three appearances in the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe—including his well-regarded debut in Captain America: Civil War—and three standalone Spider-Man films.

Holland was contractually silent about the plot details of the first of those solo Spider-Man movies, Homecoming—which finished filming last month—although news broke earlier today that Michael Keaton will be playing Sinister Six member The Vulture in the film. The 20-year-old Brit did reveal one interesting tidbit about his take on bite-prone nebbish Peter Parker, though, one that ties into the decision to take Spider-Man back to his youthful roots: "Every decision we make on set is based off how would a kid react in this situation," Holland said. "So every fight scene we have is designed in a way that’s almost child-friendly, so he never actually punches anyone. It’s all done kind of by accident."

Source: Press Release