Date: 29th March 2016

'Batman v Superman' Dominates the Box Office, Opening Over $420 Million Worldwide.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ruled the box office this weekend, both in international and domestic markets, bringing home an estimated $424.1 million worldwide.

The record-breaking performance saw the film set a new domestic March opening weekend record and it also serves as the largest domestic opening for Warner Bros. Ever. And while the clash of superhero titans was doing it's thing, Universal's counter-programming release in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 also performed well as did Roadside's Hello, My Name is Doris and Bleecker Street's Eye in the Sky.

With an estimated $170.1 million, Batman v Superman topped the March opening weekend record previously held by The Hunger Games at $152.5 million. Should estimates hold, and WB seems to be confident they will, this also tops the $169.1 million Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 opened with in 2011, making it the largest domestic opening for the studio.

Source: Press Release