Date: 6th October 2015

Fassbender 'studied Ashton Kutcher' for Steve Jobs role.

Michael Fassbender has joked that he "studied Ashton Kutcher" to play the role of Steve Jobs.

Kutcher starred in the 2013 biopic of the life of the Apple founder called Jobs.

Fassbender was speaking at the premiere of Danny Boyle's rival biopic, entitled Steve Jobs, at the New York Film Festival.

The German-Irish actor is being tipped for an Oscar for his performance in the film written by Aaron Sorkin.

But Fassbender admitted the first thing he did was to point out to Boyle that he did not have the right look for the role.

"Obviously I don't look anything like Steve Jobs. That was the first thing I said to Danny. I said 'Christian Bale looks a lot more like Steve Jobs than me'."

But Boyle said he was not looking for a lookalike.

"He was like, 'I'm not interested in that, I just want to get the energy and essence of the man and go with that'."

"So from the beginning the approach was to not try and emulate or copy that look, so basically the only thing that I did was put in brown contacts."

The film is set backstage at three major product launches in Jobs' career.

Source: Press Release