Date: 16th October 2000

Harry Potter Movie Bosses In Pay Wrangles

The makers of HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER'S STONE have been accused of paying the lowest possible rates to many of their child actors.

Two agents have withdrawn children from the $135 million (90 million) WARNER BROTHERS film, which is due to hit screens late next year (01). Disgruntled agents say the film giant is capitalising on the fact that children are desperate to appear in the adaptation of the best-selling books by JK ROWLING, offering "the last possible" for speaking parts, and rates as low as $52 (35) a day for background parts.

Warner Brothers has also refused to consider on either percentages (a share of the profits) or merchandising. An agent says, "These kids' faces are going to be on coffee mugs and theme parks, and you would expect a merchandising clause." (RGS/WNBIN)

Source: WENN