Date: 10th June 2015

Bryce Dallas Howard Eager To Make A Marvel Movie.

‘Jurassic World’ star Bryce Dallas Howard has voiced her interest in making a movie with Marvel.

Currently in promotion on the eagerly-anticipated revival of Steven Spielberg’s iconic dinosaur adventure series from director Colin Trevorrow, the 34-year old actress was asked by Cinema Blend if there were any other big screen franchises she’d like to be part of.

On replying "Marvel movie," her interviewer suggested she’d be a good fit for Captain Marvel - to which Howard replied, "Oh my God, will you write that? Will you write that please? Yes, let’s start a campaign now. That would be rad."

The actress went on to enthuse, "Those movies are so fantastic, because talk about just these incredibly drawn characters! That’s the joy of the comics, is that you fall in love with these characters and it’s who they are that carries you from journey to journey to journey."

"It’s not just about set pieces. It’s really about who these people are, and so, yes, I just would love to be in a Marvel film."

Source: Press Release