Date: 16th October 2000

Bjork Tipped For Oscar™

American movie sources are tipping BJORK to add an OSCAR to her European film award for her performance in DANCER IN THE DARK.

And the wacky Icelandic singer and actress, who won a PALME D'ORS at the CANNES FILM FESTIVAL, has expressed her shock at the "way out" rumours. She says, "For me, it's so way out! The music and film worlds are such different worlds. "I know people who think music is like religion, and music is my mission - I'm very loyal and stubborn about that. But I'm flattered that I've done something which is out of my way and the universe has acknowledged it."

And the HUMAN BEHAVIOUR star says she is looking forward to her dream of buying her own island. She adds, "
I was going to buy myself one with my hard-earned money, then Iceland's prime minister said they'd give me an island because I've done so much for the country. "But the guy in the other political party made a big thing about it, like it was corruption, so I walked away from it. Maybe I'll do it secretly, when I'm 50." (CPT/WNWPO)

Source: WENN