Date: 27th October 2014

‘Fast and Furious 7' Titled ‘Furious 7'

The next entry in the Fast & Furious franchise is officially titled Furious 7 and will see a trailer released one week from today.

Fast and the Furious 7 suffered a major setback in the form of the tragic death of star Paul Walker, forcing the studio and director James Wan to shut down production for a time and push back the release date.

Shooting resumed, however, with an ever-swelling budget, Paul Walker’s brothers stepping in as their brother’s body-doubles and the 13-week, effects-intensive reshoot schedule contributing to some serious challenges for the cast and crew.

The movie finished shooting in early July and entered the silence of post-production. Now, however, the movie’s official Facebook page has confirmed not only the movie’s official title - Furious 7 - but that the first trailer will debut next week.

Source: Press Release