Date: 15th October 2000

Charlie's Angels Get The Munchies

The new CHARLIE'S ANGELS are hoping to start a new trend in Hollywood - eating.

Sexy trio CAMERON DIAZ, DREW BARRYMORE and LUCY LIU, who star in the big screen remake of the hit 1970s TV series, are not interested in becoming stick thin for the roles like so many actresses in Hollywood - they'd rather eat and be happy.

NEVER BEEN KISSED star Drew, who says they spent a lot of their free time on the shoot munching burgers in their trailer, believes it's unsexy to be too thin. She says, "I think the way the thin-is-in approach is eating Hollywood these days isn't only unhealthy, it's unsexy too. I think it's fun for men when they're around women who eat and aren't self- conscious or obsessive about looking a certain way."

ALLY McBEAL's Lucy agrees. She says, "We're not going out there being stick figures. We're not dieting. We're intelligent, we're sexy, we're setting fashion trends, and we're also accepting ourselves as women." And it's not just in their trailers that Diaz, Barrymore and Liu feast - the angels eat a lot on the big screen as well.


Source: WENN



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