Date: 13th October 2000

Robert De Niro's Unusual Collection

Hollywood heart throb ROBERT DE NIRO is so attached to his acting career he's kept almost all the 2,600 costumes he's worn in various films.

Now the ANALYSE THIS star plans to put them on show in a museum together with 500 items of make-up and props. The collection includes the hat De Niro wore in MEAN STREETS, matches used in BACKDRAFT and the pyjamas from AWAKENINGS, as well as every single costume he wore in CASINO.

He says, "I kept it all in an apartment, a separate apartment. I just wish I had started collecting sooner." The complete collection has now been loaned to the AMERICAN MUSEUM OF THE MOVING IMAGE in New York. (RGS/WNWCAN/NFA)

Source: WENN