Date: 13th October 2000

Osment Blasts Harry Potter Movie Plans

Oscar-nominated SIXTH SENSE star HALEY JOEL OSMENT has hit out at plans to turn the best-selling HARRY POTTER books into films.

Proving his intellect is as precocious as his acting, the 12-year-old offers a mature critique. He says, "Harry Potter is 70-per-cent imagination. When the movie comes out, it's going to be such a stereotype for kids. When they think of Harry Potter, they're going to think of what is portrayed on screen."

The gifted actor denies he's merely bitter about not landing the role of Harry. Hayley insists he was never in the running for the part, despite reports to the contrary. He insists, "I never wanted to do Harry Potter. I thought it should have stayed as a book. There are some books that should be made into movies and some that shouldn't."

DANIEL RADCLIFFE, an unknown 11-year-old British actor, won the role of the young wizard in the film, which is due in cinemas in November 2001. (KW/WNWCAN/MCM)

Source: WENN



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