Date: 23rd September 2013

Batman vs. Superman begins shooting next month?

The upcoming 'Batman vs. Superman' movie could be in production a lot sooner than we thought… as a call for extras reveals early shooting dates.

That's right folks, you may only just be getting over the controversial decision to cast Ben Affleck as Batman, but the highly-anticipated 'Batman vs. Superman' could be kicking off production a lot sooner than we realised. In fact, DC's greatest heroes could be going head-to-head in less than a month…

According to a call for movie extras over at Be In A Movie, 'Batman vs. Superman' will begin shooting crowd scenes next month, on Saturday October 19 somewhere in the Los Angeles area.

Obviously, nothing is official unless it comes from Warner Bros… but the folks at Batman News report that this casting agency has been used before. In fact, they apparently supplied the crowds for the iconic stadium scenes in 'The Dark Knight Rises'. So while this should be taken with a pinch of salt, already it seems to be more than just a rumour...

But isn't October a bit early to start shooting?

According to previous reports, production was expected to begin in early 2014… and while we now know that the movie will be produced in Detroit, it has been confirmed that shooting would begin next year.

"Production on the new film is expected to begin in metro Detroit and throughout Michigan sometime in the first quarter of 2014," said the official press release. And that certainly feels like a far more realistic timetable.

Source: Press Release