Date: 12th October 2000

Guy Shuns Hollywoood For Home

Heart throb actor GUY PEARCE is the toast of Hollywood - but
prefers to live and make movies in his native Australia.

The RULES OF ENGAGEMENT star and his wife KATE live a quiet life in Melbourne - and Guy insists the only thing he has in common with fellow antipodean star and hunky hell-raiser RUSSELL CROWE, is that they both starred in 1997 hit film L.A. CONFIDENTIAL.

He explains, "It's all about different energies. I'm not
interested in the big summer blockbuster stuff. The whole saga and scenario that goes along with Hollywood, I don't feel I have the energy to get into that. I feel a lot more comfortable doing small, intimate things.

I don't have the inclination to deal with uprooting and moving
to Los Angeles. I get to feeling so anxious there it drives me mad.

"I am keen to feel connected at home again and become more
involved with the Australian film industry. I think I'm happier
with a smaller career of work that grabs me."

Source: WENN