Date: 25th July 2013

Stallone to play Rocky again in spin-off Creed.

Sylvester Stallone is reportedly set to reprise his role of Rocky Balboa in ‘Creed’, a spin-off focussing on the grandson of his former adversary-turned-friend Apollo Creed.

In talks to make the movie are director Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan, who teamed up to make the hotly-tipped awards contender ‘Fruitvale Station’.

According to Deadline, Jordan would play the grandson of Apollo Creed, originally played by Carl Weathers in the ‘Rocky’ films, a young man raised on the wealth of his grandfather’s fighting spoils.

The plot would find the young Creed drawn into the world of boxing thanks to his natural talent for the sport, despite the wishes of his family.

Stallone’s Balboa would be the mentor for the young boxer.

The idea has come from director Coogler, who is planning co-write the film, with the former star of ‘The Wire’ in the lead role.

In the original ‘Rocky’ movies, Stallone’s Philadelphia slugger was pitted against the flamboyant Apollo Creed, taking his title from him in ‘Rocky II’.

They then became friends, before Creed took on the Russian powerhouse Ivan Drago, played by Dolph Lundgren in ‘Rocky IV’, and was killed in the ring.

Source: Press Release