Date: 12th October 2000

Al Pacino's Pregnant Lover Suffers Health Scare

AL PACINO's heavily pregnant lover BEVERLY D'ANGELO has been forced to cancel this weekend's (15OCT00) gig at Los Angeles' infamous VIPER ROOM as "complications" are affecting her pregnancy.

Pacino and D'Angelo have been trying to have a baby for the last few years, and the Hollywood couple turned to invitro fertilisation after the 48-year-old failed to conceive. The actor, 60, was reportedly delighted to discover his lover was expecting twins last month (SEPT00) after D'Angelo flew thousands of miles to visit him on set so that the couple could conceive. But D'Angelo has been forced to cancel a gig at the Viper Room this weekend having played to a packed audience last Sunday (02OCT00) - complications have led to the singer being ordered not to do anything strenuous.

A spokeswoman for the Viper Room says, "Beverley has been forced to cancel her gig this Sunday. It is connected to her pregnancy. She is simply unable to perform. "Complications with the pregnancy have led to doctors telling her she can not do anything strenuous and so she has had to cancel. It is a terrible shame but sometimes you just have to put your health first." (SXH/WN/RGS)

Source: WENN