Date: 29th May 2013

Is Mendes back in talks for Bond?

In what could be an unexpected turnaround for the Bond franchise, Sam Mendes is said to have re-entered talks to direct the next film.

Deadline is reporting that despite having turned down a previous offer from Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson, he is now back at the table.

Mendes cited the commitments to his forthcoming stage projects as the reason for not directing Bond 24, but it's thought that Broccoli and Wilson may wait until he is available before they make the next film.

It was previously thought that Eon Productions, the company that produces the Bond films, was eager to capitalise on the massive success of 'Skyfall' by bringing the next film out as soon as it could.

Now it may be that Eon is considering waiting for Mendes to finish overseeing his forthcoming stage production 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' in both London and on Broadway.

Mendes has said, however, that the prospect of doing another film was less than enticing.

"Was I willing to go back into a room with a writer and start work on the same set of characters and the same scenarios as I've been working on for the last three years? The idea made me physically ill,"he told the Guardian.

But there are still other directors in the mix to helm the next Bond project.

Variety reports that 'Drive' director Nicholas Winding Refn is 'part of the conversation', as are Ang Lee, Tom Hooper, David Yates and Shane Black.

Source: Press Release