Date: 17th April 2013

Snipes get his career back on track after prison?

Rumours are currently circulating that the recently-released-from-jail Wesley Snipes is set to become the latest of Sylvester Stallone's 'Expendables'.

Snipes' name has been mooted before now, but a tweet yesterday from Stallone seemed to suggest that it was in the bag, marking a positive move in the right direction for the actor, who has just completed a two-year stint in jail for tax evasion.

"Wesley Snipes is BACK!!!! ... ...with US," posted Sly, before deleting the message.

Now it's not known whether Snipes is on board yet or not, but it wouldn’t be the first time that Stallone's franchise had dragged a career out of the straight-to-DVD bargain bin mentioning no names, of course and into top billing in an 'Expendables' movie.

Generally speaking, of course, career prospects following a run-in with the law don't seem to be any more favourable for actorly types than for those in other professions.

As for what happens now and what prospects might be out there for Snipes, his spell in chokey is certainly not helped by the fact that his career has been in some woefully dire form since the mid-2000s and the end of the 'Blade' series, a franchise which was the very epitome of a lesson in the laws of diminishing returns.

In fact, his post-'Blade' work comprised a couple of films per year which remained largely confined to the video market, despite his early 90s hits like 'White Men Can't Jump', 'Demolition Man' and 'Rising Sun'.

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