Date: 27th February 2013

Mark Wahlberg: I couldn’t understand Star Trek script.

Mark Wahlberg has revealed director J.J. Abrams asked him to play Captain Kirk’s father in 2009’s ‘Star Trek’ reboot but he turned the part down as he didn’t understand the script.

Speaking to Total Film Wahlberg said: "I remember J.J. Abrams asking me to play Captain Kirk's father - I tried to read the script, but I couldn't understand the words or dialogue or anything, and I said, ‘I couldn't do this’."

The 41 year-old also mentioned he didn’t watch much sci-fi as a child, and that he’d only seen the original ‘Star Wars’ as his dad was more into James Cagney and Steve McQueen movies.

The part in the film’s traumatic prologue eventually went to ‘Thor’s’ Chris Hemsworth, but Wahlberg was full of praise for Abrams’ movie.

"I probably wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to work with J.J. again," he said.

"If he wanted me to do something that I could fully understand."

Source: Press Release