Date: 16th January 2013

Jack Reacher sequel 'unlikely'.

Tom Cruise's latest actioner 'Jack Reacher' is unlikely to get a sequel.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, while the film has done decent business, it's perhaps not decent enough for its studio Paramount to re-order.

Sources at the studio have said that it will need to make $250 million (155 million) worldwide before it will consider a sequel, and so far the total is considerably short of the figure.

It has made a relatively modest $72.6 million (45 million) in the US, and $80.4 million (50 million) internationally, meaning that it has an almost insurmountable figure to make up in Japan, China and Korea, where it is yet to open.

To make matters worse, it is going up against 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' in China, which opens a week later, and two Chinese films opening during the New Year celebrations.

It was hoped that the first film, adapted from the Lee Child novel 'One Shot', would be the first in a series of films with Cruise playing the rogue ex-military policeman.

Source: Press Release