Date: 1st June 2012

January Jones reveals fat suit fear

January Jones has confessed she ran screaming from the room after seeing herself dressed as an overweight Betty Draper in the new series of Mad Men.

The 34-year-old actress - who gave birth to her first child, son Xander, in September - filmed the latest series of the hit 60s drama while she was eight months pregnant, so writers incorporated the baby bump into the story by giving highly strung housewife and former model Betty an eating disorder, meaning she had to wear a fat suit.

January told The Hollywood Reporter: "I saw it on the air, paused it and went screaming into the other room."

She added: "I got used to it."

"I started this season of Mad Men eight months pregnant, and I finished it with a five-month-old. It was bizarre."

"And I was in seven hours of prosthetics every morning, trying to rip off a fake chest piece so I could breastfeed."

But the actress insisted she learned to love the fat suit, because it helped incorporate her pregnancy into the show without compromising the story.

January said: "I didn't want to try to hide it, I thought it would become comical and weird. And I also didn't want to have the character become pregnant because it just wouldn't make sense. It was definitely difficult, but I love what writer Matt Weiner did with the character's story."

Source: Press Release