Date: 24th May 2012

Brad Pitt Rules Out Becoming A Director

Brad Pitt has ruled out stepping behind the camera to direct his first film because he couldn't bear the thought of leaving behind his six kids for any length of time.

The Moneyball (2011) star shares daddy duties with fiancee Angelina Jolie, who made her directorial debut last year with foreign film In the Land of Blood and Honey (2011).

And Pitt admits he has no interest in following in her footsteps because he watched the actress struggle to stick out the production from start to finish, without growing homesick.

Asked whether he'd ever consider taking on the position, he tells Reuters, "No, not a chance. It makes sense on some level, but I really enjoy being a creative producer and I enjoy my day job (as an actor). It's enough for me."

"I want to also be a dad, first and foremost. After two days it gets itchy, I miss them. I just know how I'd be, I see how much time it takes to mount the thing and put it together. It wouldn't be a good match."

Source: Press Release



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