Date: 10th October 2000

Evangelista Dumps Bartez - Over Soccer Club

Sexy supermodel LINDA EVANGELISTA has dumped her long-time lover soccer star FABIEN BARTEZ - because of his choice of football club.

The French international goalkeeper signed for MANCHESTER UNITED for a massive $11.8 million (7.8 million) this summer (00) from exclusive MONACO - but his stunning Canadian girlfriend has been left unimpressed by the rainy northern England city. According to French magazine VOICI, the 35-year-old has not settled in the area - adding to her depression over her miscarriage last year (99).

The magazine states, "Linda has never liked living in England. Still very depressed by the loss of their baby she has suffered another attack of the blues." Yesterday (09OCT00) Bartez refused to comment on the reports, saying, "My private life is my problem and nothing to do with anybody else."


Source: WENN



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