Date: 28th July 2011

Wolverine 'has top superhero power'

The ultimate superhero would heal himself like Wolverine, fly like Superman and be as strong as the Hulk, according to a poll of film fans.

Around a fifth (22%) of people polled said their top superhero power was Wolverine's accelerated healing.

The character, played in the X-Men movies by Hugh Jackman, also has retractable claws to fight his enemies.

He narrowly beat another of the X-Men to the top with 21% voting for Professor X's telepathic powers.

Superman came in third with 15% of people voting for the power of flight.

The poll, carried out by movie rental and online streaming service Lovefilm, surveyed 3,000 people. The company also teamed up with comic artist Jack Lawrence to design the ultimate superhero's outfit, which combined Batman's costume with the mask worn by Rorschach in Watchmen.

Mr Lawrence said: "Having worked with comic books for most of my career and naturally being a huge fan of superhero films, a few of the results really surprised me."

"Of course we all wish we had the claws of Wolverine or cruised along in the Batmobile, but I really expected Superman and Spider-Man's powers to feature higher up the list."

"Working with Lovefilm to create the ultimate superhero was a lot of fun."

"As soon as the results were in I could see him in my head and I just started drawing. I am really pleased with the end result and hope all comic and film fans are too."

Source: Press Release