Date: 21st July 2011

Jackson Snubs Hobbit Comic-con Presentation

Peter Jackson has disappointed film fans by turning down the chance to talk about The Hobbit at Comic-Con later this week (21-24 Jul11) - because it is "too early" to discuss the project.

More than 120,000 people are expected to attend the massive comic book convention in San Diego, California to see Hollywood's biggest filmmakers and stars talk about their upcoming movies.

Jackson was invited to chair a presentation on his highly-anticipated Lord of the Rings prequel, but the director snubbed the offer because the film is still in the first stages of shooting.

In a post on his page, Jackson writes, "Bad news is that we won't be doing any Hobbit presentation. (Studios) New Line and Warner Bros. Were very happy to support a presentation, but I declined, simply because I felt it was too early. There's so much more of the films still to shoot."

The first installment of the two-part epic is due in cinemas next year.

Source: Press Release