Date: 9th October 2000

Billy Elliot Wasn't A Happy Set

Contrary to popular perception, STEPHEN DALDRY's experience making the hit movie Billy Elliot was less than happy. By the time filming ended relations with film-makers WORKING TITLE had become somewhat fraught.

Although Daldry had made his mark as a theatrical director, he
was a movie-making novice. So he sought advice from his friend SAM MENDES who told him that the secret of making an Oscar-winning film was "to get a good cameraman and editor and they'll see you through".

The chain-smoking Daldry duly followed this advice. But the
expert technicians he hired did not much care for consulting him
before getting to work and would casually announce they were
stopping for lunch without asking the great theatrical director.

An insider reveals, "Stephen felt as if the film was being hijacked and he was becoming a mere observer. He hated the whole experience."

Relations with Working Title supremos TIM BEVAN and ERIC FELLNER were not much better. (PDD/PNC)

Source: WENN



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