Date: 9th October 2000

Zeta Jones Gives In Over Pre-Nuptial

Actress CATHERINE ZETA JONES is accepting just a third of what she demanded for her prenuptial agreement with fiance MICHAEL DOUGLAS.

The Hollywood couple, who share a 25 September birthday, have been arguing over the contract for months - but the sexy Welsh star, 31, has given in to the BASIC INSTINCT star - accepting only $1.5 million (1 million) for each year of their marriage, instead of the $4.5 million (3 million) she originally demanded.

A source says, "Catherine was angry when she first heard what the prenuptial agreement contained and thought it was unfair. she had meeting with her lawyers and they told her she should hold out for more. "But she was fed up with all the tit-for-tat rows and wanted it settled so she could get on with the wedding plans."

And in the unusual contract 56-year-old Douglas will keep all wedding presents worth over $18,000 (12,000) - but will give the mother of his 8-week-old son DYLAN a cash lump sum before their wedding next month (18NO00). (CPT/WNTSU/PDD)

Source: WENN



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