Date: 8th October 2000

Liz Taylor's Younger Body

Ageing actress LIZ TAYLOR is causing trouble in Hollywood by demanding a body double half her age.

Dame Liz, 68, is starring alongside other golden oldies JOAN COLLINS, 67, and SHIRLEY MACLAINE, 66, in THESE OLD BROADS, a comedy about ageing stars trying to make a comeback. And it seems the girls have decided that any shots of naked bottoms should show the firm behinds of 25-to-35-year-olds.

Older jobbing actresses have warned studio bosses they could be breaking the law, because they are not permitted to ask people their ages for work purposes. "How can you have a 25-year-old woman standing in for an old biddy of 83? This is the most flagrant case of ageism," says actress ANNA SHAPLEY, 51.

A spokesman for the agency casting the stand-ins admitted they were making special allowances to pander to the "inflated egos of the women stars." But perhaps Liz and her pals are just worried about competition from their leading man TONY CURTIS, 75, who says, "I'm not in bad shape for my age." (KAB/WNSEX/JM)

Source: WENN