Date: 8th October 2000

Jackie Chan's Near Death Experience

Kung Fu star JACKIE CHAN has made over 40 movies but on one
occasion the actor nearly gave it all up because he had a near
death experience.

Chan, dubbed the ELVIS of Asia, does all his own stunts and
insists all his co-stars do the same. But while filming OPERATION CONDO in 1989 Chan came so close to killing himself during a stunt, he considered quitting the movies.

Chan says, "I was filming the movie in Yugoslavia and I fell from
a tree. It bent down and I had to jump from the branches onto a castle wall.
I did the first jump and I landed OK but it wasn't quite right.
I wanted to land like a monkey.

"So I went for it again and this time the tree just snapped. I
fell for ages. I could see the cameraman and I was hoping he would catch me but he was so worried about the camera that he just ran away. "
I had blood pouring out of my ears it was a pretty serious
accident." (SXH/WNV/JM)

Source: WENN