Date: 19th November 2010

Radcliffe jokes about 'Potter ego trip'

Daniel Radcliffe has joked that seeing seven versions of himself in the new Harry Potter movie was a "big ego trip".

The upcoming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I (2010) features a scene in which multiple versions of the actor, who plays the title hero, appear on screen at the same time after other characters adopt his appearance.

"There are seven of me. It's a big ego trip!" he joked during an appearance on yesterday's Live! With Regis And Kelly.

He went on to discuss the shoot, saying: "It was 95 takes and not just because I was terrible! We had to do the same shot and then I would get into all the other characters' costumes one by one and play the shot again with me standing in their positions and then they overlay it."

When asked if the other actors were also present during the day, he said: "Not really. They sort of turned up early, did one rehearsal so I could see what they were all doing and could copy them and left!"

Radcliffe previously revealed that he hadn't minded wearing a bra during the scene, which happens after a female character transforms into him, joking: "It was better than if I had worn stockings and a corset, that's for sure."

Source: Press Release