Date: 8th October 2000

Aykroyd's Farmhouse Saved By Ghosts

GHOSTBUSTERS star DAN AYKROYD's paranormal experiences are not just confined to the big screen - he's seen two UFOs in real life.

Dan says his UFO encounters stopped him from tearing down his old farmhouse - and angering his dead relatives. He reveals, "In Martha's Vineyard I saw two of them in flight at very high altitude - I saw what I thought was an ectoplasmic display one night.

I was deciding whether to tear down the old family farmhouse and this snapping and arching came up which was really not of this world. You feel like it's all around your head and there was an ozonic smell. "I knew that someone was communicating, the ancestors were saying, 'Don't tear down the house you idiot.' "So I restored it. So if I meet them on the other side I won't get spanked by them." (WV/WNSTE/JM)

Source: WENN