Date: 20th October 2010

Brody sues film-makers for $2m

Oscar-winning actor Adrien Brody has sued the makers of a thriller for more than $2m (1.3m), claiming he has not been fully paid for the project.

Brody, 37, says he is owed $640,000 (407,000) for Turin-set film Giallo and that it was released on DVD in the US on Tuesday without his permission.

A judge in Los Angeles said Brody could seek an injunction against the sale.

Brody says Hannibal Pictures, the makers of the film, lied to him about the financing and that his contract gives him the right to block the film's release in U.S. until he is paid his salary plus additional damages.

Coincidentally, the film's director, Dario Argento, has distanced himself from the movie, saying the producers' cut is a far cry from his original vision.

Brody, who won the best actor Oscar in 2003 for The Pianist, sued the film's makers in federal court on Thursday but a last-minute petition to stop the DVD release was denied.

He can still seek an injunction but must first inform the film-makers of his intentions, the judge said.

The actor says Giallo's producers lied to him about financing, grossly over-exaggerating the value of the movie's Italian distribution rights.

Brody contend that the terms of his contract allow him to withhold his likeness from the film until he is paid, but that producers have ignored his demands.

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