Date: 8th October 2000

Roberts Sibling Rivalry

HOLLYWOOD star JULIA ROBERTS and her brother ERIC have not spoken for more than a decade - with Eric accusing his sister of never helping him.

The PRETTY WOMAN actress became involved in films after her brother introduced her to casting agents and they both appeared in the 1988 film BLOOD RED.

But now he accuses her of turning her back on him and says, "I helped her but she has never helped me. I would love to have her film offers - I just don't get them. "Hollywood has never embraced me. Part of that is my fault because of my behaviour in the past. But hey, I'm 44 now. You would think they'd realise I've changed. "Julia could help me and she hasn't. I helped her and when she was in a situation to help me she wanted nothing to do with me."

Eric does not think much of Julia's role in ERIN BROCKOVICH and says, "I wasn't that impressed. Everyone's going on about how great she was in it but what did she do? Wear some push up bras. It wasn't great acting." (WV/WNS/JM)

Source: WENN