Date: 8th October 2010

Brand 'To Avoid Charges Over Airport Scuffle'

British funnyman Russell Brand is set to avoid charges over his recent arrest in Los Angeles.

The comic was detained by police at Los Angeles International Airport last month following an alleged clash with a photographer. He was charged with battery and released on 13,330 bail.

Brand insisted he was defending fiancee Katy Perry from an over-zealous snapper but American immigration officials revealed they were investigating the situation and could revoke his visa over the incident.

But the Get Him To The Greek star looks likely to avoid charges if he attends a court hearing along with the paparazzo on 19 November, to receive a reprimand from a judge.

L.A. City Attorney's Office spokesman Frank Mateljan tells E! News, "This is the only action as of now. Based on the info (information), it has been determined that this is the most appropriate action at this time."

Source: Press Release



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