Date: 8th October 2000

Nursery's Not Dylans's Dream

MICHAEL DOUGLAS and CATHERINE ZETA JONES's baby son DYLAN has decided his new nursery is just not good enough - despite half a million dollars' worth of gadgets.

Little Dylan's parents equipped his room with all the gizmos a
Hollywood tot could desire, including a state of the art hi-fi
system to play soothing sounds of Welsh choirs. But it seems they forgot one thing - Mum and Dad.

Dylan, who was born in August, objected so noisily to being left
alone that he now sleeps in a cot at the bottom of Catherine and
Michael's bed.

"Catherine is an old fashioned girl at heart and was happy for
Dylan to sleep in the bedroom with them until he is a little bit
says a close friend. (KAB/WNSEX/JM)

Source: WENN