Date: 7th October 2000

The Queen And Rupert

Handsome film star RUPERT EVERETT is leading the race to play Britain's PRINCE CHARLES in a big screen version of hit novel THE QUEEN AND I.

The satire on Britain's Royal family, written by SUE TOWNSEND in 1993, was on the verge of being made in 1997 but the first draft script landed at PARAMOUNT studios one day after DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES, died in a car collision.

A studio spokesman says, "We now feel that enough time has passed for the project to proceed. "We will not be using the late Princess's character in the film as it would not be appropriate and the film will be set in the present day."

The Queen and I imagines the Royal family living together on a council estate, known as HELL CLOSE, with Prince Charles becoming a Rastafarian tree hugger. BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION FILMS and SKY FILMS are said to be in talks with Paramount about investing in the film.


Source: WENN



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