Date: 30th July 2010

Leonardo DiCaprio Drops Out of Mel Gibson's Viking Film

Leonardo DiCaprio has had major second thoughts about starring in Mel Gibson’s Norse-language viking movie in the wake of the shamed director’s legal battles with Oksana Grigorieva.

"Inception" star Leonardo DiCaprio has reportedly withdrawn from a planned movie chronicling the exploits of Viking warriors that Gibson was slated to direct.
A source close to DiCaprio, asked if the actor was still lined up for the Viking film, said: "Not a chance. Leo has earned the right to pick and choose who he works with and Mel Gibson is not one of them."

DiCaprio has been expressing his excitement to star in the film, but is now refusing to comment. Back in June, the actor said: "I've always wanted to do Viking Story. I'm a big history buff and I don't think there's been a really fantastic Viking film ever made. Those were some of the most barbaric people ever in history. I'd love to see Mel Gibson's version of that."

Detectives are investigating Oksana’s claims that Mel, 54, punched her in the face twice as she held their infant daughter, Lucia, during a domestic dispute at his Malibu mansion on Jan. 6.

The viking film was to be Leo’s first picture with Mel but a source close to the 35-year-old says he doesn’t want to risk his reputation by being associated with Mel.

Source: Press Release



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